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12 Things to be Checked Before Buying a Property

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

  1. Does the seller own the property?

  2. Are there charges on the property?

  3. Are there leases or inhabitants in the property?

  4. Is the property subject to any special protection regime?

  5. Is the property integrated into a horizontal or vertical community regime? In this case: Is the owner up to date in the payment of installments?

  6. Are there receipts for IBI or other taxes pending payment?

  7. Insurance Status (an architectural report to detect damages and hidden defects would be something to take very much into consideration)

  8. Does the home have CEE (Energy Efficiency Certificate)?

  9. Are there lawsuits that affect the property?

  10. Does the property have a habitability certificate? Does the house meet the requirements of the urbanistic plans?

  11. Does the property have the Building Book?

  12. Supplies Status

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