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Can a Will (Testament) be changed?

A Will can be changed at any time and as many times as desired. That is why it is often said, as a general rule, that the last testament is the one that is valid.

One of the first procedures that must be carried out in Spain when a person dies is to obtain the certificate of last will, which tells us whether or not the deceased had a will and, if there were several, the date and the notary before whom it was made and provided each of them and, therefore, which one is the last.

The will is the act by which a person disposes of all their assets or part of them after their death and is characterized by being essentially revocable; so it can be adapted to the circumstances that affect us at each moment or stage of our life.

To change a will, it is normal to make a new one that renders the previous one null and void, complying with all the requirements and solemnities necessary to testate. In the new testament a clause is usually included in which the previous will is revoked, but even if it is not included, the revocation of the old testament by the new one occurs, unless the testator provides specifically that the first testament subsists as a whole or partially.

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