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Courts of Violence against Women in Spain

They were "born" with Organic Law 1/2004, of December 28th, on Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence, creating an attractive view in favor of these courts of purely civil matters, being able to know exclusively and excludingly of the following matters :

- Those of filiation, maternity and paternity.

- The nullity of marriage, separation and divorce.

- Those dealing with parent-child relationships.

- Those whose purpose is the adoption or modification of measures of family significance.

- Those that deal exclusively with the custody of minor sons and daughters or with food claimed by one parent against the other on behalf of the minor sons and daughters.

- Those that deal with the need for consent in the adoption.

- Those whose purpose is to oppose administrative decisions regarding the protection of minors.

For this, the following requirements must concur simultaneously:

- That it is a civil process whose purpose is any of the aforementioned matters.

- That any of the parties in the civil process is a victim of acts of gender violence.

- That any of the parties to the civil process is charged as the author, inducer or necessary cooperator in the carrying out of acts of gender violence.

- That criminal proceedings have been initiated before the Judge of Violence against Women for a crime or misdemeanor as a result of an act of violence against women, or that a protection order has been adopted for a victim of gender violence.

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