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The Criminal Procedure Law (LECRIM) deals with the judicial terms and deadlines in its articles from 197 to 215.

In the Criminal Order in Spain the consideration of working days and hours throughout the year for the investigation of criminal cases, without the need for special authorization, stands out. The judicial terms will be non-extendable when the Law does not provide otherwise. For speedy trials and trials for minor crimes, the hearings may take place in August through the guard service, since they are open every day and every hour of the year.

However, article 965 of the LECRIM provides that, if it is not possible to hold the hearing during the guard service, it must be set on the nearest business day.

For the rest of the criminal proceedings, Saturdays, Sundays, December 24th and 31st and the month of August will be non-working hours by application of the provisions of the Organic Law of the Judicial Power (LOPJ).

As a summary:

Computation of deadlines in the criminal order-investigation criminal cases:

- They are counted every day, since every day and all hours are working hours.

Computation of time limits in the criminal order-speedy trials and minor crimes guard service:

- They are counted every day, since every day and all hours are working hours. * take into account the exception provided in Article 965 of the LECRIM.

Computation of terms in the criminal order-other procedures:

- Non-working Saturdays, Sundays, December 24th and 31st, holidays and August.

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