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🔍 Exploring the European Judicial Atlas: Streamlining Legal Assistance

Introducing the European Judicial Atlas, a dynamic IT tool designed to facilitate mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. 🌐

📚 Comprehensive Resource

The Atlas offers a comprehensive resource by providing information on competent authorities responsible for executing requests for judicial cooperation. It takes into account various factors such as geographic location, judicial structure, type of crime, required measures, and relevant international agreements.

🏛️ Part of the EJN Network

Operated within the framework of the EJN (European Judicial Network) website, the Atlas is overseen by the EJN Secretariat. The data within it is curated by dedicated 'EJN Tools Correspondents' – specialized contact points responsible for maintaining information pertaining to their respective Member States.

💻 Adaptable and User-Friendly

The Atlas is equipped with a flexible back-office IT management tool, making it adaptable to the diverse legal systems across Member States. This ensures it can effectively present data from very different legal systems.

🌐 Facilitating Legal Cooperation

The Atlas serves as a valuable resource for judicial authorities seeking assistance from their counterparts in other Member States. While it resides on the EJN website and is maintained by the EJN Secretariat, the EJN's role is primarily that of a facilitator. It does not participate in the actual request process but instead provides the necessary tool for establishing direct communication between two or more judicial authorities.

🤝 Seamless Collaboration

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, requesting authorities can easily identify the competent authority in the desired Member State without requiring an in-depth understanding of that country's legal system.

Discover the European Judicial Atlas and simplify cross-border legal cooperation today! 🤝🌍 #LegalAssistance #EuropeanJudicialAtlas #LegalCooperation

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