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Irregular Entry in Spain

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Irregular Entry Legislation in Spain:

Article 25 of the Organic Immigration Act

(1) The foreign national who wishes to enter Spain must do so through those border posts authorized for this purpose and be in possession of a passport or travel document which accredits his identity, and which is considered valid for this purpose under the international agreements subscribed to by Spain and not subject to any express prohibitions.

(3) That established in the preceding paragraphs shall not be applicable to foreign nationals who request to exercise the right of asylum at the moment of their entry into Spain, the granting of which is governed by its own specific regulations.

(4) Entry into Spain by foreign nationals not possessing the requirements established in the preceding paragraphs may be authorized when there exist exceptional reasons of a humanitarian nature, public interest or compliance with commitments acquired by Spain. In these cases, the foreign national shall be provided with the documentation which is established by regulation.


Irregular Entry Punishment in Spain:

Return procedure will be initiated

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