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LISTA: Promoting Sustainability in Andalusia

The Law 7/2021, of December 1, for the promotion of territorial sustainability in Andalusia, known as "LISTA," marks a milestone in the regulation of the territory, cities and towns, natural resources, and sustainable economic development in this autonomous community. This law has a long and complex journey ahead, and is expected to generate debates and controversies. Here is a summary of the main novelties:

🌆 Uniting Territory and Urban Planning 🏘️

LISTA integrates the regulation of territorial planning and urban planning in a single normative text, simplifying and streamlining planning instruments.

🌍 Land Classification 🌱

The law classifies land into two categories: urban and rustic, eliminating urbanizable land. It defines the conditions that land must meet to be considered urban.

🏗️ Urban Transformation 🏡

It introduces the implementation of urban improvement and interior reform actions in urban land and new urbanization actions in common rustic land. It also allows for the creation of Urbanization Entities.

🏙️ Simplified Urban Planning 🗺️

Simplifies and streamlines urban planning instruments, reducing deadlines and procedures. It creates a less rigid model of urban planning and establishes different types of plans according to the size of municipalities.

🏦 Public-Private Collaboration 💼

Promotes public-private collaboration in planning execution, with an emphasis on simplification and streamlining.

🏠 Sustainable Building 🏗️

Maintains the responsible declaration as a tool for streamlining, applying it to various building actions.

🚧 Urban Discipline ⚖️

Regulates new types of infractions and establishes a scale of penalties. It also incorporates measures for irregular buildings and anticipates the confiscation of proceeds from infractions.

LISTA represents a significant change in the regulation of territorial planning and urban planning in Andalusia. While it is expected to generate debates and controversies, this law is designed to promote sustainability and balanced economic development in the region.

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