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Steps for the Cancellation of a Mortgage

It is very usual in Spain only to proceed with the economic cancellation of a mortgage and to forget about the registry cancellation. This way of proceeding is not recommended at all because sooner or later you have to do the registration cancellation and doing it years later can be problematic since, many times, finding the files corresponding to the economic cancellation is difficult and takes time. Particularly if the bank was involved in a merge or just simply does not exist anymore.

1.- Ask your bank for the zero debt certificate. This document will be delivered free of charge.

2.- Choose the notary's office that best suits you and present said certificate to sign the public deed of cancellation of the loan. You have to know that there is no deadline for the appearance of the entity's attorney or representative at the notary, however banks have to put the necessary means in order to avoid delays, acting for it with the utmost diligence.

3.- Request and fill in, in a delegation of your autonomous community, the document of Documented Legal Acts (AJD). It is also exempt from payment but you have to do it.

4.- With the copy of the tax, the zero debt certificate and the deed, go to the Property Registry to proceed with the cancellation of the mortgage. Here you will have to pay the registration fees that will depend on the value of your mortgage.

It is convenient that after presenting the document in the Registry, a simple registry note is requested in which it is proven that the mortgage has been canceled.

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