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The difference between "lawyer" and "attorney"

Let's make clear first that and “attorney” is always a “lawyer”, but not all “lawyers” are “attorneys”.

The term “lawyer” is used in English to refer to a person who has studied law and who does not necessarily defend clients in a court, but can offer legal advice.

Anyone with a college law degree can be called a "lawyer" but the term "attorney" (or "attorney-at-law"), on the other hand, is the person who, in addition to having studied law, also passed an examination before the bar association the state where she/he practices law.

An “attorney” can legally defend clients as well as pursue actions in court. In fact, the word “attorney” comes from the French word “atorner”, which means “to assign”, in the sense of assigning someone the task of defending to another person in a court of law.

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