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The Law of "only yes is yes" ("sólo sí es sí") enters into force in Spain

This new regulation, among many other things, typifies harassment and pursues this type of actions against the sexual freedom of individuals.

The victims will no longer have to prove if they resisted, it will be the other way around. The key will be whether there was consent, which must be clearly and freely expressed throughout the sexual relation as there are many cases in which women could not say "no" due to chemical submission, drunkenness or simply terror.

It is required the oral consent or that is deduced from the facts. The figure of sexual abuse disappears; any act that violates the sexual freedom of another person without consent will be assault, sentenced to between 1 to 4 years in prison, from 7 to 15 if committed in a group.

The law makes street harassment a minor crime. The victim must feel offended and will only be prosecuted if there is a complaint from the aggrieved person.

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