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Who is allowed to cross the border into Spain during the COVID-19 crisis?

Entering into Spanish territory is currently not allowed to all nationals from all countries except for:

a) Spanish citizens.

b) Foreigners who have a residence permit ("foreigner identity card" or long-term visa).

c) Foreigners with a family member visa. The family (husband / wife, parents or dependent children) must be Spanish and resident in Spain or EU national with residence in Spain.

d) Health or elderly care professionals who go to carry out their work activity.

e) Personnel dedicated to the transport of goods in the exercise of their work activity, which includes the crew of the ships, in order to ensure the provision of maritime transport services and fishing activity; and the flight personnel necessary to carry out commercial air transport activities.

f) Diplomatic, consular, international, military and humanitarian organization personnel in the exercise of their functions.

g) People traveling for duly accredited imperative family reasons (generally, serious illness or death of a direct family member, urgent need for assistance to the elderly, disabled or minors).

h) People who document reasons of force majeure or a situation of need or whose entry is allowed for humanitarian reasons.

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