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Access to this website may involve the use of cookies, even though it would work without them. Cookies are small files that store information in each user’s browser so that the server can recognize certain information which only it can read. Cookies last for a limited amount of time. No cookies reveal telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or other means of identification. Cookies cannot obtain information from the user’s hard drive or personal information about them. The only way in which a user’s personal details can be included in a cookie file is if the user personally supplies this information to the server.

Although cookies help us to optimize the booking process for you, users who do not wish to receive cookies or do not want information about their visit to be gathered may configure their browser to prevent them. All Internet browsers can be set to block or allow cookies from specific websites.


[Function  /  Name of cookie  /  Purpose]

Contributes to the website’s operation  /  DispoParams  /  It stores the necessary information to seek availabilities.

Contributes to the website’s operation  /  no_mostrar_banernew  /  It stops informative banners from popping up again.

Security  /  crsftoken  /  It prevents third-party action on websites that we are visiting without our knowledge.

Third-party cookies:

[Function  /  Third party  /  Purpose / Additional information]

[Website analysis  /  Google  /  It monitors visits to the website in order to analyse its use, detect incidents, and improve its usability.

Management of bookmarks and links    AddThis, Facebook, Google+, Twitter    It enables links on social networks and better-known websites to be shared.

Third-party cookies for marketing purposes:

[Function    Third party    Purpose / Additional information]

Marketing – Retargeting.    Zanox, Ve Interactive, TripAdvisor    It manages adverts, showing the top offers for places where you were searching.

Marketing – Retargeting.    Google Adwords. Sociomantic, TripAdvisor    It monitors how effective advertising campaigns are and shows relevant messages.

Our website and e-mails in HTML format might use web bugs and/or cookies to compile statistics about the use of the aforementioned website. A web bug is an image in a message that notifies us that the message has been viewed, purely for the purpose of gathering use-related statistics.

For further information on how to block cookies via ...

Google Chrome: 
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Internet Explorer:
Opera 19: link

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