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About Semi-public Crimes in Spain

They are identified as semi-public crimes or semi-private crimes and are those that fall between public and private crimes.

These can be prosecuted both by the public prosecutor and by the affected individuals. In all cases, the filing of a complaint by the victim is required.

When it comes to semi-public crimes, the legal right has social repercussions, but it affects the intimacy or autonomy of the victim. It is for this reason that the complaint of the victim is required as acceptance of the prosecution of the crime.

There are exceptions that enable the Public Prosecutor to act ex officio, among them are:

  • The victim is a minor or a person with a disability.

  • Cases of harassment, assault or sexual abuse against minors, underage people or people with disabilities who need special protection.

Examples of semi-public crimes are:

  • Discovery and disclosure/revealing of secrets.

  • Harassment, aggression and sexual abuse.

  • Mild coercions.

  • Mild threats.

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