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About the Traffic Accidents where Pedestrians are Involved

In case of hitting a pedestrian with a Car, determining responsibility for the hitting is essential to know how insurance works in these cases. That is to say, if the pedestrian has acted correctly, it will be the civil liability of the car that takes charge of the accident.

Sometimes, it can also happen that the pedestrian has acted improperly. For example, if a pedestrian crosses a pedestrian crossing and a car runs over him, she/he will be covered by the civil liability of the car, but if she/he crosses a road through the middle, deliberately and at a time that it is not the car's responsibility (and this is proven), in principle, the pedestrian would not receive any compensation and she/he will be responsible for all damages that are caused.

It could also happens that the blame is shared. This would be the case if the pedestrian crosses a road that is not specially enabled and the car is speeding.

Essentially, pedestrians are not always the victims of accidents and causing an accident can carry penalties and serious consequences for a pedestrian. In fact, precisely in the case of crossing improperly and causing an accident to a third party, the pedestrian will be exposed to a fine and even a prison sentence depending on the eventual circumstances of the accident caused.

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