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SMISHING! Be very careful with the SMS that pretends to be your bank to rob you

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

The digitization of banking has allowed customers to manage their money without the need to go to an office in person, something that has had many benefits, but also its drawbacks.

Many criminals take advantage nowadays of the use of mobile phones to contact customers via SMS, pretending to be the bank and keeping their money.

This type of scam is known as "smishing", and consists of sending a text message that tells the recipient that there are problems with their account and that they access a link and enter their online banking access data, being the page of the link designed exactly the same as that of the bank by the scammers.

On the fake website, the customer is asked to enter the username and password of their bank account. The person who falls for the trap believes that they are entering into their bank, when in fact they are giving the scammers the necessary data to access your assets.

Sometimes, if the victim does not enter the data in the website, the scammers would call her/him even using the same phone number of the bank making sure that they obtain the data.

The fraudsters quickly change the password to be the only ones who can access the account and transfer all the money, leaving the real bank customer without funds.

One of the big problems with this type of scam is the subsequent difficulty in finding the culprits, since normally the money is transferred and moves quickly in different accounts abroad.

Financial entities remind their clients constantly that they never ask for personal data and confidential information by call or text message and that, if you have been a victim of this scam, contact the authorities.

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