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📅 Calendar of Non-Business Days in the Judicial Sphere 🕰️

According to Article 183 of the Organic Law 6/1985, non-business days include the entire month of August and the period from December 24th to January 6th of the following year, both inclusive. These days are considered non-business days for most judicial proceedings, except for those declared urgent by procedural laws. The General Council of the Judiciary, through regulations, may enable them for other actions.

Article 184.1 establishes that, notwithstanding the above, all days of the year and all hours are business hours for the instruction of criminal cases without the need for special authorization.

Regarding the calculation of deadlines, Article 185 of the LOPJ indicates that it will be carried out according to the provisions of the Civil Code. Non-business days will be excluded from deadlines set in days. If the last day of the deadline is non-business, it will be considered extended to the first following business day.

To determine national holidays and public holidays for labor purposes in each autonomous community or locality, refer to Article 45.4 of Royal Decree 2001/1983 and the Annual Labor Calendar published in the Official State Gazette.

Check always the corresponding Statue of Limitations in order to plan your judicial actions! ⚖️🗓️ #NonBusinessDays #JudicialCalendar #LegalInfo

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