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Charles Dickens might had invented Christmas and the complaint to restore decent working conditions

Dickens's literature describes a ruthless society in which many children were condemned from birth to absolute poverty. The denunciation of injustice is something that permeates all of his work. Actually, the writer signed the most popular of Christmas tales, which was not only a fable about redemption, but also a stark reflection of working conditions in the 19th century.

In "A Christmas Carol" Dickens highlighted "the affable cordiality of these dates" and linked them to "aspirations and fears", the idea of ​​Christmas as a time of generosity is at the center of this Dickens tale, as it is also the possibility of redemption.

As usual in Dickens, the fantasy hides a social denunciation, like the harassment at the workplace from Scrooge to Bob Cratchit, his clerk, forced to work with cold, claiming his rights as if they were a favor - like getting the day off on Christmas Day - and always terrified of a despotic, angry and unjust boss.

We all remember the end of this beautiful and eternal tale and how Scrooge finally returns to Bob Cratchit, the rights that he had taken from him during years of exploitation. In essence, in "A Christmas Carol" the importancel of labor dignity is narrated as rarely in universal literature.

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