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All the owners living in Spain in a block of apartments are organized in a "Comunidad de Propietarios" (Community of Owners). With this term we refer to the set of owners who, although they have the exclusive ownership of a home or premises, are also co-owners in another series of elements that are common to all these members (as for example: gardens, terraces, stairs, corridors, etc.).

The Community of Owners is regulated in the Horizontal Property Law 49/1960 of July 21st (LPH), which has recently been modified in some articles by Law 8/2013, where each apartment or premises has assigned a participation fee in relation to the total value of the building, which serves as a module to determine what percentage of the community expenses each owner has to pay. Thus, when a person buys, inherits etc., an apartment under Horizontal Property, she/he does so with respect to both things, that is, not only the property itself but also, and jointly, a certain share of the common elements of the building where that property is located.

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