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Complains to the Spanish Administration of Justice

If you had received inadequate services or services in need of improvement from the Spanish Administration of Justice, and particularly from any Spanish Court of Law, you could send your complaint or suggestions.

In order to do so, you must file a form with your suggestion or complaint to any of the following entities:

  1. The Registration Offices of the Judicial Branches

  2. The Registration Offices of Public Bodies

  3. Post Office

  4. Complaint and suggestion drop-boxes in Judicial Buildings

  5. The General Council of the Judiciary web-page

For your information, the response period should be 48 hours for them to acknowledge receipt of the filing and then they will respond within a month.

Please take into consideration that your complaint will not be qualified as an administrative appeal nor will it stop any deadline of any appeals, lawsuits, or rights, and that they cannot answer complaints for:

  1. Events that could constitute a disciplinary offense

  2. Judicial ruling or settlements contain

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