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Differences between interrogations during trial in Anglo-Saxon Law and in Spanish Law

The main difference lies especially in the possibility of using suggestive, misleading and / or impertinent questions during the cross-examination that exists and is allowed in Anglo-Saxon Law, being the use of this type of questions particularly prohibited in the Spanish Criminal Order (article 709LECrim, Procedural Spanish Criminal Law).

In this sense, the Sentence of the Spanish Supreme Court STS of April 2, 2003 (RJ 2003, 2767), made the definition of these sort of questions in the criminal order: "those that according to the way in which they are posed, they do result misleading". In essence, in Spanish Law, one of the essential tools of all cross-examinations interrogations in Anglo-Saxon Law, which is the use of suggestive questions, is totally out of regulation in the Spanish Civil Order and is expressly prohibited in Spanish Criminal Law.

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