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Family Rooting in Spain

Family Rooting: Requirements and Documents

Family rooting is a procedure that allows foreign citizens to obtain a residency authorization in Spain for family reasons. To apply for this type of authorization, it is necessary to meet certain requirements and submit specific documentation. Here we detail what you need to know to start this process:

Documentation to apply for Family Rooting:

  1. Application Form (EX-10): Complete and sign the official application form in duplicate.

  2. Identification Document: Provide a complete copy of your passport, travel title, or registration certificate with a minimum validity of four months.

  3. Certificate of Criminal Records: Obtain a certificate of criminal records issued by the authorities of the countries where you have resided during the last five years before your arrival in Spain.

  4. Documentation proving Family Ties and Nationality: This varies depending on your situation:

  • If you are a parent of a Spanish or European minor:

  • Birth certificate of the Spanish minor.

  • Birth certificate of the European minor.

  • Documentation demonstrating compliance with your parental obligations if you do not live with your child.

  • If you are a relative of a Spanish citizen:

  • Prove the family relationship with relevant documentation.

  • Documentation demonstrating the situation of being dependent, if necessary.

  • If you are a child of a originally Spanish parent:

  • Birth certificate of the applicant.

  • Birth certificate of the originally Spanish parent.

  • Proof of cohabitation with the minor or compliance with your parental obligations.

  1. Payment of Fee: Pay the fee 790 code 052.

Remember that any document issued outside of Spain must be legalized or apostilled and, if necessary, translated by a sworn translator authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, and European Union.

Where and How to Apply for Family Rooting?

You must submit the application for Residency Authorization for Exceptional Circumstances due to Family Rooting at the Foreigners Office corresponding to your place of residence. You can do this in person, by scheduling an appointment, or electronically through the Mercurio Platform, using your digital certificate.

Initiating the family rooting process is an important step for those who wish to establish themselves legally in Spain based on family reasons. Make sure to gather all the necessary documentation and follow the appropriate procedures to increase your chances of success in this application.

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