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How to submit a complaint to the Bank of Spain (Banco de España)

The first step is always filing a a complaint to your bank, as this is a mandatory requirement for the Bank of Spain, which consists on submitting a written claim to your bank's Customer Service Department. We do recommend that this is done by a Lawyer particularly if you are not a Spanish-speaker.

If once that complaint to your bank has been issued you do not agree with the decision or receive no reply as a consumer within one month - 15 working days in the case of payment services, whether as a consumer or firm - or two months, if you are not a consumer, then it's when you can approach the Banco de España.

The complaint to the Bank of Spain would consist on submitting a claim whether online (in Spanish) or in written (in Spanish) issued to the General Register of the Banco de España or by mail, addressed to:

Banco de España

Institutions Conduct Department

C/ Alcalá 48

28014 Madrid

It could also be presented via any of its branches in the Spanish Territory.

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