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List of fundamental rights in Spain

Rights and freedoms in the public sphere:

  • Ideological freedom

  • Right to liberty and security

  • Right to human dignity, honor and privacy

  • Right to secrecy of communications

  • Right to free movement and residence

  • Right to free communication

  • Right to freedom of expression

  • Right to information

  • Academic freedom

  • Right of assembly, demonstration and association

  • Right to participate in and from public affairs

  • Right to reeducation and social integration

  • Right to free education

  • Right to university autonomy

  • Freedom of association and business

  • Right to strike

  • Right of individual and collective petition

  • Right and duty to defend Spain and conscientious objection

  • Right to an equal marriage

  • Right to private property and inheritance

  • Right to work

  • Right to collective bargaining

  • Rights and freedoms related to the socioeconomic field

  • Right to social, economic and legal protection of the family

  • Right to international child rights protection

  • Right of access to Social Security

  • Right to health protection

  • Right to enjoy the environment suitable to the person (and duty to preserve it)

  • Right to decent housing

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