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More about the Offer of Actions in Spanish Criminal Law

The Offer of Actions has different aspects that are fundamental in any criminal process in Spain:

  • To focus on by means of the statement in the events that occurred and the intervention of the complainant in them. This is important to see if the allegation is sound, part of a coherent account, and has enough evidence to stand.

  • To know if the victim has been injured or damaged, either through the forensic medical examination, or through the provision of invoices or evidence of economic or moral damages.

  • To ensure that the complainant 's interest in the matter remains.

  • Determine if the complainant wants to intervene proactively in the procedure (offer of actions) with the consequences previously seen.

Normally it is not mandatory to go to a lawyer, although it is not unusual to appear with one, especially if, apart from the offer of actions, it will be necessary to testify about the facts.

In any case, not making the offer of actions or refusing does not imply waiving your rights. To waive, it would be necessary to expressly make this waiver.

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