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Police Legitimacy

According to the theory of procedural justice, citizens obey the laws thanks to the

legitimacy of the norm to be obeyed and also thanks to the work and proper actions of all legal operators.

In no case will the citizen's obedience to the law be promoted through the threat of punishment and through police abuse.

For this reason, it is very important that all of our law enforcement bodies personnel are instructed in everything that has to do with good practices that promote police legitimacy and that should always be based on:

- The quality of decision-making. Impartiality, equal treatment, transparency, etc. are fundamental in the performance of any agent in any police force as one of the most important things in these processes is the appearance of impartiality.

- The quality of interpersonal treatment. It is essential for any agent to always proceed with dignified and respectful treatment to any citizen.

Acting always with quality of decision-making and of interpersonal treatment will have very positive consequences in our society, since the ties between the institutions and the citizens will be strengthened, increasing trust in the system and therefore the feeling of belonging to it.

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