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Questions answered regarding "intellectual property" as a legal concept in Spain (Part I)

What is "intelectual property"?

Intellectual property in Spain is made up of a series of personal and / or patrimonial rights that attribute to the author and other owners the provision and exploitation of their works and services.

What law regulates intellectual property?

The Consolidated text of the Intellectual Property Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12th.

What does the legislation related to intellectual property protect?

Intellectual property protects original literary, artistic or scientific creations expressed in any medium, such as books, writings, musical compositions, dramatic works, choreographies, audiovisual works, sculptures, pictorial works, plans, models, maps, photographs, computer programs and databases. It also protects artistic performances, phonograms, audiovisual recordings, and radio broadcasts.

What is excluded from the protection of intellectual property?

Ideas, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts themselves are excluded, although not the expression of them. The legal or regulatory provisions, their corresponding projects, the decisions of the jurisdictional bodies and the acts of the public bodies, as well as the translations of said texts, are also excluded.

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