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Remuneration Registry: obligations and penalties

Last Friday, April 14th, Royal Decree 902/2020, of October 13th, on equal pay between women and men came into force.

The purpose of this Royal Decree (RD) is to establish specific measures to make effective the right to equal treatment and non-discrimination between women and men in matters of remuneration. This RD develops the mechanisms to identify and correct discrimination in this area and to fight against it. It promotes the necessary conditions and removes existing obstacles. One of the remuneration transparency instruments provided for in said standard, and which is mandatory for companies since April 14th, 2021, is the Remuneration Registry.

By way of summary, these are some of the main aspects collected, and to be taken into consideration, in the aforementioned Royal Decree:

  1. Equal pay in companies

  2. Obligation of salary registration

  3. Justification of the pay gap

  4. Principle of remuneration transparency

  5. Obligation of equal pay for work of equal value

  6. What is considered work of equal value?

  7. How should the remuneration record be carried out?

  8. Items to be contained in the Registry

  9. What sanctions can be applied to a company if it does not have the Remuneration Registry?

  10. Ministry's tool for registration

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