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Some Important Considerations regarding Inheritances

The first thing the lawyer will do is check whether or not there is an advance directive or testament. If it does not exist, it will be necessary to carry out a judicial or notarial procedure, in order to determine who has the right to the inheritance. If there was a Will, the process would be much easier.

On the other hand, the Interrogatio in Iure is a procedure that is established in order to oblige the heirs to express their acceptance or rejection of the inheritance. After this legal process, the inherited legacy is divided. In the event that there are real estate inherited assets, they are appraised. By having the assets valued, it is much easier to know how much corresponds to each of the joint heirs involved. However, there may still be heirs who are not satisfied with the inventory. Then, the dispute will have to be resolved at trial, so a lawyer is of the utmost value.

Problematic inheritances can waste lots of money and time, so conciliation through an expert lawyer in the area is essential to reach an agreement that is convenient for all the parties involved. In the event that it was finally impossible to conciliate and to distribute the inheritance, these professionals can initiate a judicial or notarial process, depending on the need.

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