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Testimony of Individuals with Direct Interest in a Lawsuit in Spain: What You Need to Know

In Spain's legal system, it is possible for a person with a direct interest in a lawsuit to act as a witness in that case. However, it is essential to understand that this testimony may be subject to particular scrutiny due to the witness's interest in the outcome of the lawsuit. In this post, we will explore what you need to know about the testimony of individuals with a direct interest in lawsuits in the Spanish legal context.

The Right to Testify:

In Spain, the right to testify is not restricted solely to impartial or disinterested witnesses. Individuals with a direct interest in a lawsuit have the right to present their testimony before the court. This means that those involved in a case, such as the disputing parties, can provide their version of events and offer evidence in support of their claims.

Assessment of Credibility:

It is important to note that the court and the parties involved in the case may take into consideration the direct interest of a witness when assessing the credibility of their testimony. Due to their interest in the lawsuit's outcome, it can be expected that courts and attorneys will conduct more thorough questioning to ensure that the testimony is complete and truthful.

The Risk of Perjury:

In Spain, as in many other countries, providing false or deceptive testimony under oath can have serious legal consequences. Witnesses, regardless of their interest in the case, are obligated to tell the truth during their testimony. Perjury, which is the act of making false statements under oath, can lead to legal actions against the witness.


In Spain, individuals with a direct interest in a lawsuit have the right to testify in the case. However, their testimony may be subject to critical evaluation due to their interest in the lawsuit's outcome. It is essential for witnesses to be honest and truthful in their testimony, as providing false information under oath can have significant legal consequences. If you have specific questions about your legal situation, it is always advisable to consult with an attorney experienced in Spanish law.

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