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The judicial process against Jesus Christ was infamous and a farce Part I

The judicial process that ended with the death of Jesus Christ from the legal point of view was infamous for the innumerable irregularities committed, full of gross and flagrant illegalities and defenselessness, since the High Priest had already planned to put Jesus to death.

Admitting that he was the son of God was considered by the High Priest and by those gathered there as blasphemous words, and for this reason they decided to condemn him to death, and when he was taken to the roman governor Pontius Pilate they changed the accusation, because as blasphemy was not criminally punished in Rome, he was accused of forbidding paying taxes and that he himself was Christ, a King.

Once Pontius Pilate questioned Jesus, he fully realized that he was not a criminal, he saw no crime in Jesus' actions, and he considered that the death penalty was too much and that he had been handed over out of envy, but both the High Priest and the Council of Elders convinced the crowd to ask for the freedom of a prisoner named Barabbas, and the death of Jesus.

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