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The so called Spanish "Golden Visa"

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The Golden Visa or the Residence Visa for Real Estate Investment grants automatic residence in Spain when a property valued in € 500,000 or more is acquired.

It could be any type of property: residential, commercial, plot, or a combination of different sort of properties.

Unlike the Non-profit Visa, the Golden Visa does not require you to reside in Spain a certain amount of days a year.

These are the basic steps to obtain the golden visa:

  1. To start looking for a property.

  2. Issuing a Tourist Visa.

  3. Signature of the deposit contract for the acquisition of the property selected.

  4. Applying for the Golden Visa.

If necessary, the authorities can grant a six-month permit so that the Client can complete the property purchase process.

Once the Golden Visa application is accepted, the Client will receive a Visa for one year period.

Unlike with other visas, its application can be submitted while the Client is in Spain.

Once the Client has received the Golden Visa, it can be renewed, as long as the property is not sold.

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