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Trials are recorded in Spain

Trials, hearings, and appearances are audio and video recorded, although statements, especially in criminal matters, are exceptionally recorded.

However, the image quality is usually not very good. The utility of these recordings is threefold:

(a) they are a good support for when the Judge must pass sentence, since they allow you to remember what happened in the trial and even indicate in the sentence the minute of the recording in which one of the interveners made a certain statement;

(b) they are also a good support for the lawyers at the time when they must file an appeal against the sentence handed down, or else they must challenge the appeal filed on the contrary - as indicated for the sentences, in the briefs of filing or contesting appeals, it is also customary to provide the minute of the recording of each part of the statement that may be important;

(c) and they are also a good support for magistrates who must resolve in the so-called "second instance", since they allow them to review what happened in the oral forensic act.

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