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Trials in Spain are not like in Hollywood movies. Part II

"- We strenuously object, and ask to confer with you before you rule on this objection.

- The objection has been overruled.

- Move to reconsider.


- Objection, overruled, we strenuously object. Oh ok! If it is strenuously then it will be reconsidered."

This dialogue, particularly the last part in an ironic tone, is from the film A Few Good Men and reflects the vehemence with which American lawyers conduct themselves to interrupt or contest questions from witnesses.

In Spain, the protests (the so called objections in American Law) are generally used when evidence is denied in the oral hearings or preliminary hearings and it is necessary for it to be taken into account in the following instances.

However, on many occasions the judges have to remind some of the parties that they are not in a Hollywood movie and that, here in Spain, saying “objection” while the other lawyer is interrogating witnesses is not a valid formula.

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