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🏛️Unipersonal Judicial Entities in the Scope of the National Court: Pillars of Spanish Criminal Justice🏛️

🔍 Intro: Discover the integral role played by unipersonal judicial entities within the National Court ("Audiencia Nacional") in Spain. These entities, including the Central Instruction Courts, Central Criminal Courts, Central Juvenile Court, and Central Penitentiary Surveillance Courts, are situated in Madrid and hold jurisdiction across the entire country.

📜 Content:

  1. Central Instruction Courts: Responsible for investigating cases falling under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Division of the National Court, managing European arrest warrants, extradition proceedings, and acting as Judicial Guarantors for the European Public Prosecutor's requests.

  2. Central Criminal Courts: Adjudicating cases involving offenses specified in Article 65 of the Judicial Power Organic Law, addressing crimes with penalties not exceeding five years of imprisonment, fines of any amount, or other penalties up to a maximum of ten years.

  3. Central Juvenile Court: Specializing in cases stipulated by legislation governing the criminal responsibility of minors, particularly overseeing crimes of terrorism committed by individuals aged 14 to 18 years.

  4. Central Penitentiary Surveillance Courts: Playing a crucial role in the execution of custodial sentences and security measures, exercising jurisdictional control over the disciplinary authority of penitentiary officials.

🌐 Conclusion: These unipersonal judicial entities collectively form the backbone of the Spanish criminal justice system, ensuring the efficient and fair administration of justice across the nation. Their diverse roles contribute to the comprehensive functioning of the National Court, reflecting Spain's commitment to upholding the rule of law. Explore the intricate workings of these entities, underscoring their significance in the pursuit of justice. #SpanishLaw #CriminalJustice #NationalCourt ⚖️

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