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What are the Steps of the Appraisal of Legal Costs in Spanish Civil Law?

Once a Judgment is declared final by the Court, the "winning" party will have to request the appraisal of costs by filing to the Court and then it'll be forwarded to the "losing" party. Next, the Secretary of the Court (now the so-called Lawyers of the Administration of Justice) will assess the costs with transfer to the parties, so that within 10 days it can be claimed whether or not the appraisal is agreed upon.

If the "losing" party did not agree and hired/instructed their lawyer and procurator so it was challenged, a period of another 10 days would open for the opposing party to respond to that challenge.

If the "losing" party was in conformity with the appraisal, the Secretary would issue a COSTS DECREE, which would be already an executive title, so that it should be paid within 20 business days. If it was not paid within that period, the other party could request EXECUTION, which would open a new procedure, which would cause more expenses.

The time that passes between each of the steps are described as in theory but in practice tend to differ.

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