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What documents must I bring to the registry for the registration of a sole heir inheritance?

To register any type of inheritance it is necessary to provide, among others, the following three documents:

  1. The Death Certificate, to prove the death of the testator or the person from whom it is going to inherit. It is normally obtained in the Civil Registry.

  2. The Certificate of the Registry of Acts of Last Will, to prove which is the last testament; or to prove that there is no will if that was the case.

  3. And the supporting documentation for the payment or postponement of the inheritance tax, according to the regulations of the corresponding Autonomous Community (Regional Administration in Spain), and if applicable, for example in the case of a property, the payment of the municipal capital gain.

Along with these documents and depending on whether or not the deceased had granted a will, it is necessary to provide, for example if there is a will and it is for a sole heir, an instance with the signature of the interested party legitimated before a notary or before the registrar, where the circumstances of the death are expressed, the assets that make up the patrimony to be inherited and the inheritance are accepted.

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