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What is a Cadastral Alteration Process in Spain?

⚖️ Importance of Cadastral Alteration:

Cadastral alteration ensures that property data is precise and legally binding. It is crucial to understand this process before attempting it yourself or considering hiring a professional with experience to ensure its proper execution.

🏠✨ Optimize Your Property with a Successful Cadastral Alteration ✨🏠

While the cadastral alteration process may seem complex, it proves to be an invaluable benefit for many landowners. The changes made through this process not only enable a better utilization of the land but also ensure accurate representation in legal documentation.

🛠️ Steps for a Successful Cadastral Alteration:

1. Identify Needs:

  • Correct errors in ownership.

  • Resolve differences between actual and cadastral boundaries.

  • Adjust incorrect property use assignments.

  • Rectify erroneous valuations.

2. Register a New Construction:

  • If necessary, initiate the process to record new constructions on the property.

3. Submit a Request to the Competent Authority:

  • Detail the necessary changes and formally submit the request to the relevant authorities.

4. Obtain Authorizations:

  • Following the correct document submission, obtaining the required authorizations is necessary and may vary depending on the property's location.

5. Make Physical Changes:

  • Once authorized, carry out physical modifications on the property, including constructions, topography, and demarcation.

6. Verify Documents:

  • Ensure that all documents are up-to-date and comply with relevant regulations.

7. Record Changes:

  • Officially submit the changes to the corresponding databases to ensure their legal and accounting validity.

📑 Submission on the Electronic Platform:

  • Submission can be done on the Electronic Platform of the General Directorate of the Cadastre, local Cadastre offices, or Economic and Treasury Delegations.


  • Cadastral alteration is a valuable tool for property owners seeking to maximize their property's potential. With carefully executed steps and, preferably, guidance from qualified professionals, this process ensures an accurate and updated record of your assets. Optimize your property and ensure its legal representation with a well-executed cadastral alteration!

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