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What is a "Jura de Cuentas" in Spanish Law?

We can define a "Jura de Cuentas" as the claim for the fees earned by a lawyer, social graduate or procurator within a legal proceeding.

It can be initiated in criminal, civil and labor proceedings.

It is regulated in articles 34 and 35 of the LEC for civil proceedings and 242 of the LECRim for criminal proceedings.

It is perfectly possible to claim the due fees in a labor process (sentence execution phase), in this case having to refer to the procedure established in the LEC, which is applied on a supplementary basis.

In the criminal field, we must also apply article 35 of the LEC regarding the development of the procedure.

This type of claim is addressed to the Court and procedure in which the actions (whether civil, criminal or labor) are accredited, by means of a succinct document and in the name of the professional as no procurator is required.

Let's also keep in mind that there is a three-year time limitation to claim them.

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