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Nota Simple Registral

The Simple Registry Note ("Nota Simple Registral"), or Simple Note, is a basic document in the procedures related to properties and real estate.

This official document will help us understand, in a summarized and compact way, the current state of a property. It is, for all intents and purposes, a "picture" of the legal factors that appear in the Property Registry.

The simple note is used basically to proceed with property acquisitions, to check charges still pending on the property, to see if a property has certain facilities attached, or verify participation fees, to name a few examples.

It is therefore an official document issued by the Property Registry. From this body it is described as "a succinct extract of the content of the entries relating to the property, where it is shown the identification of the property, the identity of the owner or owners of the rights registered on it, and the extension, nature and limitations of these".

It is, therefore, a legal document linked to a registration before a notary or future registrations still in process. Thus, the information contained in the simple note must coincide with the legal deeds registered at the time, which in fact will appear mentioned in the document with its corresponding reference, with the difference that the information is more accessible to people outside the legal world and that it is clearer and easier to read.

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