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What is the Common Service of Communication and Execution Acts of the Spanish Courts?

This Service is known as the SCACE. When the court communicates, it always or almost always does so in writing. This communication acts service helps the Courts in the task of communicating court decisions, summonings, lawsuits, etc.

SCACE means Common Service for Communication and Execution Acts and it is a body or specific department common to a group of Courts that is in charge of the summons or notification of persons not represented by a procurator in a procedure, either because they have not yet been included in the judicial proceedings, or because they are not a party (eg witnesses).

Therefore, what would happen if someone received a notification from the Common Service of Communication and Execution Acts so that they could pick up a notification/documentation from the court and they did not go for it?

If it is not collected from the Court, they usually try again to serve the notification at the same address but through a Bailiff, that is, by sending court personnel who will knock on your door. In the event that it is not finally possible, a judicial database (neutral point) will be officiated in order to obtain another address where you can be notified.

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