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What is the current geopolitic situation of Finland and Sweden?

Finland and Sweden are two member countries of the Union Europe (EU), but are not part of NATO. In addition, due to its geographical proximity to Russia, it is in a complex situation in this crisis produced by the war in Ukraine.

These countries' Ministers, Ann Linde and Peka Haavisto, have shifted to NATO headquarters to publicly appear with the Secretary General and tell Russia that will not be Moscow who decides if Sweden and Finland enter the Atlantic Alliance.

During the meeting with the Foreign Ministers of Sweden and Finland to which it has reiterated the NATO's support before the Russian threat and has left the door open to a future Accession, Finland and Sweden have expressed that they are countries indirectly affected by the security requirements of Russia, which claims that NATO does not expand towards its borders.

Stockholm and Helsinki have been vindicating the sovereignty of their countries to freely decide their foreign policy and alliances and although the entry to NATO is not on the table, as Linde has reiterated, its relationship with military organization is close and participate in missions and meetings of the Atlantic Alliance.

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