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What makes a good Litigation Lawyer?

In this sense, let us see a decalogue of the good trial lawyer collected by D. Gianrico Carofligio (a novelist and former anti-Mafia judge in the Italian city of Bari) in his Essay "The Art of Doubt", in which the author collects a Megargee Brown's original decalogue:

1.- Deep understanding of human nature.

2.- Clarity of thought and exposition.

3.- Ability to communicate through direct, simple and coherent concepts.

4.- Ability to form a criterion about what happens in the trial and to assess it.

5.- Self-discipline.

6.- Ability to convey an impression of authority.

7.- Manners always dignified and courteous.

8.- Marked personality, exerting influence on those who come into contact with him or her.

9.- Almost an obsessive Will to take care of the preparation of cases to the extreme.

10.- Absolute reluctance to use subterfuge and trickery.

An eleventh requirement that lawyers and prosecutors and, of course, also judges must meet: exercise with responsible and tenacious dedication in everything related to the taking of evidence, while cultivating intellectual tolerance and a sense of limits.

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