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Who contacts the lawyer to request the defense of a detainee at a police precinct in Spain?

The bar association (to which the arrest has been previously communicated by the police authority) by telephone call, communicates the arrest and request for legal assistance made by the detainee, to the lawyer designated by the latter.

It may also happen that, in addition, the police themselves also call the lawyer appointed at the request of the detainee to notify him of his arrest and ask him if he accepts legal assistance from him.

If the detainee does not designate any lawyer in particular, the latter does not accept the designation or is not found, a lawyer will be appointed by the corresponding Bar Association's ex officio shift. In all cases, the lawyer is informed of the affiliation of the detainee, the police station where he is, the crime charged and even the time of his statement if it is already scheduled.

The detainee also has the right to communicate by telephone with a third party of his choice, so he can call from the police station (in the presence of the corresponding officer) directly to his lawyer to inform him of his arrest.

In any case, it is important to go to the police station as soon as possible to assist the detained client. Currently the Spanish Procedural Criminal Law determines a limit of up to 3 hours to assist the detainee.

For the detainee, the visit of his lawyer is essential since sometimes, after his statement, his freedom can be agreed and in any case it is equally essential to regain some peace of mind.

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