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About the extra-procedural satisfaction in the Spanish Civil Process

When a civil proceeding is being followed in a Court, and it is being processed, the plaintiff may request for it to be closed for having satisfied their claims out of court.

The legal grounds for this are that according to article 22.1 of the Civil Procedural Law (in Spanish called L.E.C. for "Ley de Enjuciamiento Civil") the plaintiff is allowed to request the termination of the procedure in progress when there is no longer any interest in its continuation, either due to extra-procedural satisfaction or for any other reason, establishing as the sole requirement that there be an agreement between the parties.

Therefore, in a specific procedure, if the plaintiff alleges extra-procedural satisfaction and is interested in closing the procedure without judicial costs, always without the defendant having objected, the Court will proceed to agree to the request and the termination of the process will be decreed without ordering costs.

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