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An example in which the traditional parade of the Three Wise Men in Spain ended up in court

In this case we are going to use as a sample, a man fell off his motorcycle after the parade of the Three Wise Men had passed in a major Spanish City.

The Court of First Instance of the corresponding City ordered the public cleaning company to pay nearly 20,000 euros to the citizen for material damage, injuries and consequences suffered when he fell to the ground while riding his motorcycle.

According to the plaintiff, the pavement was wet and very slippery because the operators of the cleaning had spilled a very slippery liquid on the road after the parade had passed, without placing any signs that warned of such danger.

As a result of the fall, the victim suffered a surgical neck fracture of the right humerus, which took a time to cure of 191 days.

Eventually, the corresponding Provincial Court dismissed the appeal filed by the cleaning company and fully confirmed the appealed resolution.

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