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Can more than one lawyer act in court for the same party?

Regarding the figure of the «assistant lawyer» it is only provided for in the General Statute of Spanish Lawyers but not in the LOPJ or in any of the procedural laws. For this reason there are courts that allow the intervention of the "assistant lawyer" but there are others that do not allow it. Normally his intervention is justified in complex or long-lasting procedures.

On the other hand, practice seems to have consolidated the criterion that only one lawyer can intervene and not several at the same time, in the sense that the "team of lawyers" must distribute the interventions of each of its members and announce and agree on it previously with the Judge.

For example, Lawyer 1 will cross-examine Witnesses A through H, Lawyer 2 will cross-examine Witnesses I through Q, and Lawyer 3 will cross-examine all other witnesses.

In what there are usually no problems is in the intervention of an "assistant lawyer" in the strict sense, that is, who sits on the podium next to the main lawyer, helps him in the defense by passing notes, giving him instructions, etc.

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