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Non Resident Taxation in Spain. Exemptions

In the same way that happens with other types of taxes, in the declaration of income for non-residents there are certain incomes exempt from taxing for it.

Spanish Law identifies the following cases as exempts from the payment of this tax:

- The productivity of non-resident accounts.

- The benefits distributed by the subsidiaries of companies established in other States of the European Union.

- The yields obtained on the public debt, as well as the securities issued in the country without mediation of permanent establishment in the Spanish territory (includes the majority of cases).

- The yields and interests as a result of the transfer of capital that appear in article 23.2 of the Personal Income Tax Law (The so called in Spain: Ley de IRPF).

- The exempt income included in article 7 of the Personal Income Tax Law.

- The income and scholarships finalized by the Public Administration based on international agreements and agreements for educational, scientific and cultural cooperation.

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