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Once the evidence has been carried out, the Judge will give the floor to the Public Prosecutor and the Lawyers to formulate their conclusions. This would be a possible scheme to take into consideration for those conclusions:

  1. State the action being exercised and its requirements (plaintiff). Allege the facts that extinguish, impede or enervate the legal effectiveness of those alleged by the plaintiff (defendant).

  2. Relating the facts to the evidence (summary), making continuous reference to the act (specific phrase) to the trial proceedings (documentary), pointing to the page, folio or document where the fact that will substantiate our position is found.

  3. Emphasize those facts that are considered proven and those that are considered doubtful and put them in relation to the burden of proof (art. 217 LEC - Spanish Civil Procedural Law).

  4. Be prepared to clarify how many issues the Judge deems appropiate, since the Judge can request clarifications at the end of this phase.

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