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Territorial and Urban Inspection: Ensuring Order in Andalusia

Territorial and urban inspection in Spain is essential to ensure compliance with laws related to land use and urban planning. Its goal is to protect territorial and urban order by monitoring the compliance of activities such as urbanization, construction, and land use with current legislation.

Restoration of urban legal compliance is the responsibility of the Municipal Administration, but the Junta of Andalusia also intervenes in certain cases. Collaboration between both is crucial.

Inspection relies on the collaboration of other authorities and is carried out through cooperation between Administrations.

The main functions of the Junta of Andalusia in this field include ensuring compliance with territorial and urban planning, supervising activities, advising, and reporting anomalies.

Inspection personnel have the necessary authority to access inspection sites and collect evidence. Obstruction of their work is considered a serious offense.

In case of irregularities, inspection personnel can initiate administrative procedures, including provisional measures.

Territorial and urban inspection is crucial to maintaining legality and protecting the natural and urban environment.

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