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The importance of requesting the isolation of a party or witnesses during the trial

When, for example, it is time for our client to be questioned first by the opposing lawyer, her/his client (the other party) is finding out the content of all the responses made by his opponent, so that, when it is his turn to testify, he will later be able to better accommodate her/his statement to what that you have heard

Likewise, when the other party has proposed several witnesses, and we conclude the examination of the first, it is usual for the witness, when leaving, to comment with the remaining witnesses on the essential aspects of our examination, which will make them more aware when their corresponding questioning takes place.

To avoid the occurrence of both scenarios, which are absolutely harmful from a strategic perspective, the Spanish Law of Civil Procedure (called Ley de Enjuiciamiento Civil, LEC) provides us with two precepts that can be of help to us: we refer to articles 310 and 366 of the LEC.

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